A Potpourri of Recent Legal Rulings

In Taylor v. Taylor, the court held that even in a marriage of long duration, equitable distribution need not be equal distribution on a 50/50 basis. The court found that the economic partnership marriage creates generally was not, in fact, present in this specific case because the parties themselves had not functioned as economic partners for many years.

In Baker v. Baker, the court ruled that a knowing and voluntary admission of paternity is sufficient to deny a motion to vacate an order of filiation.

In Weiss v. Rosenthal, the court held that the amount of child support may be based on the child’s needs where the parent required to pay support fails to provide adequate information regarding his or her income and assets.

In Baxter v. Borden, the court noted that in determining geographic relocation cases the unilateral removal of the children to a new residence is a relevant factor to consider but is not determinative by itself and held that the children’s best interest is still the controlling determination.

In Cid v. DiSanto, the court held that a significant deterioration in the relationship between parents can suffice as a change in circumstances warranting a modification of an existing custody arrangement.

Santiago, et.al., v. Henderson stands for the proposition that a biological aprent has a superior right to custody absent a showing that the parent relinquished parental rights through surrender, abandonment, persistent neglect unfitness or other extraordinary circumstances.

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