Collaborative Practice is an alternative
dispute resolution process.


Find a positive resolution of the many complex legal, emotional and financial issues in divorce or legal separation. Reach an amicable, expeditious, efficient and productive final resolution.


Collaborative Practice employs an inter-disciplinary team


The collaborative professional team of attorneys, mental health professionals and financial experts provides more proficient and efficient representation. Collaborative Practice is proven to be more cost-effective than litigation.


Collaborative Practice operates independent of the courts

Save time and money and reduce stress by negotiating at out-of-court meetings attended by the parties and their collaborative practice professional team.


Collaborative Practice looks to the future

Collaborative Practice resolves issues as it minimizes acrimony and maximizes healthy conflict resolution. And for families with children, Collaborative Practice resolves issues based upon the best interests of the children and the maintenance of the strongest, most stable environment for their growth and development.


Collaborative Practice utilizes interest-based negotiations

“Interest-based” negotiation eliminates the gamesmanship and intimidation of traditional litigation’s “positional negotiation.”


collaborative-right-content-imgCollaborative Practice utilizes “interest-based” negotiation which eliminates the gamesmanship and intimidation tactics of “positional negotiation” which characterizes traditional litigation.

  • The final agreement is reached through honest, respectful,
    reasonable compromise.

    It is never imposed upon either party by a judge. Consequently, there is far greater compliance
    and far fewer enforcement issues.

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